Friday, February 26, 2021
Now-ah days these old Vanagon's are coming around again like the old Bus did many years ago. They can be very nice vehicles when restored back to original condition.  Some items are now made to bring the Vanagon close to today's standards. Surprisingly for it's age of construction the Vanagon body is extremely strong as proven in crash testing through the years. Of course there are no Air Bags like newer cars or ABS brakes. As the years moved on Tires were getting hard to get now due to the wheel size and again the weight.

The bumpers were not up to today's standards. Quickly these items were produced by various vendors to get better service out of your Vanagon.  Aftermarket bumpers now available to help out with city traffic life or fender-benders.

Today there are several companies that build a bumper system far superior to the original Vanagon bumper. H2oVanagon does not carry bumper stock, but we do work closely with other bumper manufacturers and can install any bumper of your liking.  We have installed various styles of bumpers that add greater protection than stock bumpers.

Rocky Mountain Westy Bumper System