Friday, February 26, 2021
Back in 1986 the VW Vanagon went from two round head lamps to four square lights. Most agree they looked better then the round head lamps at the time but we quickly realized that the lighting was not quite bright enough. 

There are ways to improve the square head light system.  Adding higher powered bulbs and a relay system designed to supply voltage to them can really help.

In South Africa Vanagons were fitted with a four round headlamp system that is night and day better lighting than the square system.  This system is available as a kit & comes complete with a new style grill, high beam and low beam head lamp lens and the relay system to power these brighter lights.

At H2oVanagon we are able to install this South Africa grill kit complete with the necessary components to assist your driving experience at night.  We can also upgrade your existing square head lamp or even the older two round lamp system for brighter lighting and bring your Vanagon up to today's standards.

 South African Grill & Light System

  Replacement Grill