Friday, February 26, 2021
The Refrigerator in your Vanagon Westfalia is not adiquite for keeping your food cold during hot conditions. The original fridge only colds down 40 degrees from ambient temp. So if it's 100 degrees "in your Vanagon" then your milk or beer will only be cooled down to 60 degrees. Enough to spoil your milk..

There are other alternatives. We offer replacement of the original refrigerator with a couple different units. TruckFridge is a unit that is ran only on electrical power and uses very little of it. Ran off a German-made Danfoss compressor system designed to run quite and with little power. There is even a light inside this unit just like your home fridge. Much more room than the original refrigerator too.

Let us upgrade your stock refrigerator to a new TruckFridge electric refrigerator that can make ice cubes!

Features include:
  • Contemporary Flushmount™ styling
  • Easy to clean white powder-coated shelves
  • Convenient top-mounted controls
  • 1.7 cubic feet of interior space
  • Designed specifically for truck applications
  • Easy open/close door latches
  • EV model for European Voltage applications
  • 12-volt fan aids airflow for improved cooling
  • Tall container door bin storage
  • Self-ventilated design for easier integration
  • Improved cooling performance in higher ambient temperatures
Model TF49
Size - H x W x D
20 ½" h x 15" w x 18" d
Gross Capacity 49 litre/1,73 cu. ft.
Nominal voltage 12-24 Volt
Nominal imput 60 Watt
Refrigerant R 134 a
Internal Light
EMC conformity
Air-cooling Forced with fan
Average consumption  24 watts/hour