Friday, February 26, 2021
Enhancing The Vanagon
Don't think the Vanagon could be improved?  Well we have found a few enhancements that definitely make a big difference to performance and comfort.
  • A smog legal 180HP 1.8T VW engine!  Full details are available in the H2oVanagon Conversions section of the site.
  • New disk braking system provides much shorter stopping distance with less fade providing better safety. You may not know your Vanagon is under-braked until you drive your Vanagon with this system.
  • 15" wheels and tires provide better traction and even looks better!
    NOTE: Required with brake system upgrade
  • Headlight system upgrade, better known as a South African grill and lens kit are much brighter than the factory installed lights.  Aftermarket lens and lights are night and day difference!  More details can be found in our Grill and Headlight section.
  • Pop-Top canvas replacement. Newer designed canvases have three windows. A nice feature for ventilation during those hot days. 
  • Bumper upgrades. The original bumper on the Vanagon's were not able to withstand even a very minor "fender-bender". In fact in 1988 the steel bumpers were replaced with fiberglass ones. Even less protection. Today there are several aftermarket bumpers available for the Vanagon. Check out our bumper section for more details.
  • Refrigerator upgrade. Your refrigerator in your Westfalia needs service from time to time. H2oVanagon is able to service your refrigerator and bring it back to it's cool blowing days.  H2oVanagon is also your shop to do any modifications to your existing fridge to squeeze every bit of cool available. We can also replace your out-dated unit with a new high output low energy electric refrigerator that is so cold it even makes ice cubes.  Click here for more details.
  • Auxiliary battery installation. The Vanagon Westfalia never came with an auxiliary battery. This is important if do any amount of camping. With an auxiliary battery you are able to run all your accessories (Stereo, interior lights, DVD player, Electric Refrigerator etc.) and not worry about being able to start your engine.
  • Solar Systems. With all the electronic gadgets that some of us carry around with us today there may be need for a little extra juice to be pumped into your auxiliary battery or batteries.  
  • Propane Heaters Systems.  Propane heaters are great if your doing any camping where it's cold. These heaters have an automatic thermostat and will turn on at a predetermined temp just like the heater system at home. 
These are just some of the improvements that we offer for your Vanagon!  We have just about every imaginable change or upgrade, so if you want something done let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality for you.