Friday, February 26, 2021
Vanagon Services General Maintenance Suspension
Vanagon suspension systems are pretty tough. Remember these are pretty much trucks built by VW for military use. Through the years of normal driving your suspension system needs maintenance. Bushings that control where your tires goes or shouldn't go tend to wears out along with ball joints and tie rod ends.

We have restored many Vanagon suspensions systems to their original specs and beyond. There are four different systems throughout the Vanagon history. 1980-1985, 1986-1991 2-wheel drive, 1986-1989 Syncro and then the later 1990-1991 Syncro. The later Syncro suspension change was only to the front lower control arms. We know all these systems well!

Today there are several companies that supply different springs and shocks that can help make your Vanagon handle like a dream.  With a wheel and tire up-grade, shocks and springs you won't believe you have been driving around all those years on that old dated suspension system.

Call or email us about some of the options available for you Vanagon.  We would be very happy to discuss all your options with you.