Friday, February 26, 2021
H2oVanagon Conversions Our Engine Conversion
Through several years of research H2oVanagon (a division of Stephan's Auto Haus) has determined that Volkswagen's 1.8T engine is the best option for the VW Vanagon in most driving conditions.  The 1.8T provides the best performance and ability to meet California's strict smog requirements. We are known throughout the US as one of the leading engine replacement options for VW Vanagon's.

California started emission testing before other states. With more states enacting similar smog pollution standards, be careful that your engine conversion choice will be legal.  Make sure the engine conversion you choose will have a future in the state that you live in as smog laws come about.  The engine we chose was carefully researched to follow any state smog laws about to come around or are in place now. We call it the Engine for VW Vanagon's Future; so to speak.

The modern inline 4 cylinder engine that H2oVanagon uses is a gas powered, turbo charged powerhouse and is classified as Low Emissions Engine in California. You have the option for a brand new engine or a rebuilt engine that comes out of a modern 2002 or newer VW Jetta, Golf or GTI platform. This engine has so much power and is so reliable that Audi uses the same engine in their TT Roadster Quattro. The 1.8 liter, or about 110 cubic inch size engine, is a smaller displacement than the original Vanagon engine but puts out a lot more power while delivering better fuel economy than your original engine did in your Vanagon.

Our engine conversion is the Only conversion on the market that produces this much power with better fuel mileage over stock while keeping tail pipe emissions low. 

1.8T VW Engine Specifications

 Item Description Specifications
 Horse Power 180 @5500 RPM
 Torque 174 ft. lbs. torque
 Rev Limit 6500 RPM
 Valve Train Dual Overhead Cam /
Variable Value Timing 5 Valves
per Cylinder
 Crankshaft Forged
 Compression Ration 9:5:1
 Fuel system Sequential Electronic
Fuel Injection Turbocharged
 Turbocharger KO3-5 
 ECU (Electronic
 Control Unit)
Motronic ME7.5 
 OE Boost 11.6 lbs / Stage I Chip 16 lbs
 Ignition System Distributorless Ignition 4 Coils
 Emissions Ultra Low Emission Engine 

Stock Horsepower is 180 and 174 of torque.  No internal engine modifications or external parts added on; all Stock!  The 1.8T engine is designed with it's turbo. It's not an add on turbo charger.   Another great benefit of using a Volkswagen engine is it keeps the vehicle as original as possible with respect to keeping it real.  All VW!

For those of you who have owned a Vanagon for any period of time have probably broken down at one time or another. Pulling (or being towed) into a repair shop and you may or may not get your Vanagon fixed due to either it's age or it just being a Vanagon. We all know this all to well and how sad it is.  Now add into the picture a different manufacturer brand engine (i.e., Subaru or Ford) and you most likely will be turned away or not be repaired correctly.  This could lengthen the amount of time to repair your Vanagon with the possibility of an elevated repair bill. Internet forums are a great way to get useful information that may help get your Vanagon onto the road quicker, or help a technician working on your Vanagon with technical information.

The 1.8T engine is a modern engine most repair shops have serviced in the past and is the same make as your vehicle. It's the best of both worlds, owning a Vanagon and having a modern powerful fuel efficient engine from VW.  Have peace of mind that the engine you had installed is capable of being repaired anywhere.  Your beloved Vanagon will be very happy with it's new life.

Engine conversions are only one aspect of what H2oVanagon can do for your Vanagon.  We are able to perform other general services, upgrades or enhancements for your Vanagon. With all the aftermarket improvements through the years, H2oVanagon can create a masterpiece out of your Vanagon that rides, handles and has the power like a new minivan today. Opps, did I say mini-van?  Difference is you'll be in classic VW; you get the picture.  See our Vanagon Services area on How We Make Your Vanagon Better.