Friday, February 26, 2021
H2oVanagon Conversions Installation & Pricing

Since 2006 H2oVanagon / Stephan's Auto Haus has been the pioneer in 1.8T engine conversions for VW Vanagons.  Our engine conversion has been designed, tested, and proven to be reliable, powerful, and cost effective which no other conversions can match.  

H2oVanagon's reputation rides on the reliability our engine conversion which is why we include a Rebuilt 1.8T engine and NEW turbo charger.  Here are some additional items that we replace during EVERY 1.8T Engine Conversion:  
  • Rebuilt Alternator and Power Steering Pump
  • New VW Original Water Pump
  • New Metal designed Rear Coolant Flange (instead of original plastic)
  • Crankcase Breather Hose made out of Silicone with new PCV valve (instead of original plastic)
  • Silicone Engine Radiator hoses
  • Silicone custom Intake Tubes
  • New Intercooler & Intercooler Fan
  • ECU (engine computer)
  • Plug and play wiring harness with 15 Fuses to protect your investment
  • New Ignition Coil Packs
  • New 2" Exhaust System (2.5" enhanced Stainless Steel optional)
  • All New Timing Components including VW Original Timing Chain Tensioner
  • N75 Turbo Boost Valve
  • N80 Fuel Vapor Solenoid
  • Air Filter Housing assembly
  • Drive by Wire Throttle Pedal assembly
  • New AC compressor (AC optional)
  • All New Fuel Hoses.
  • Hydraulic Engine Mounts

NOTE:  Fluids, environmental fees and taxes not included.  Email or call us for details.

 Conversion Options & Pricing
Click here to see what options are available for Vanagon conversions such as Cruise Control and Enhanced Exhaust system etc.

 Premier Installation
Call for pricing
We supply a new 1.8T engine which comes with a new Turbo, Timing Belt and Water Pump, Engine Wiring Harness, Valve Cover to Oil Pan all New. Ignition Coils, Timing Covers, Crankcase Breather Hoses, Solenoids etc.
 Standard Installation
Our most popular option comes with a rebuilt 1.8T engine and includes all necessary components. (120 Amp Alternator for camper, Power Steering Pump, A/C Compressor, Secondary Air Injection Pump) ECU (electronic control unit), Complete New Plug & Play Wiring Harness, ECU & Fuel Pump Relays, 1.8T Exhaust Down-pipe & Catalytic Converter with New Muffler and Tail Pipe, New Turbo, Drive-by-wire Throttle Pedal, 1.8T Air Injection Pump System, Leak Detection Pump & Charcoal Canister, New Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner & Roller, New Original updated VW Water Pump, Serpentine Drive Belt. New Ignition Coil Packs and Spark Plug, N75, N80 Solenoids & Dump Valve, Breather Valve, PCV Valve, Complete Fuel Hoses, New Inter-Cooler & Cooler Fan, Complete Intake System from Air Filter to Cooler, Exhaust System (Enhanced Additional).

Basically we supply everything needed for either option.  Drive in and drive out with your renewed Vanagon.
 The New 1.8T Conversion Kit
Our 1.8T Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to install your 1.8T donor engine.  The history of your engine is not known to us. For this reason we include many new parts that may be in good working order on your engine already.
It is very important to replace everything provided in our kit for many years of happy Vanagon driving.
Our kit is designed for "Volks" with a fair amount of mechanical experience.

Our kits includes All New:  Fuel Hoses, Fuel Vapor Hoses, Coolant Hoses, Coolant Flange, Thermostat, Coolant Expansion Tank and Hoses, Ignition Coils, Spark Plugs, N-80 Solenoid (Purge Control Valve), N-75 Solenoid (Turbo Control), Turbo Dump Valve, MAF sensor, New Oxygen Sensors, Coolant Temp Sensor,  Air Cleaner Housing with Filter, Complete Intake System, Inter-Cooler & Fan, Modified Turbo Outlet Pipe, Complete Exhaust System, Fuel Filter, Power Steering Reservoir & Hoses, PCV System Valve and Hoses, Timing Belt Center Cover, Drive By Wire Pedal Mounting Hardware, Raised Deck Lid Assembly, Deck Lid Seal, SAH Adapter Plate cut from 6061/T651 Aluminum, Flywheel, All Mounting Hardware for All Components, Hydraulic Engine Mounts, Heat Insulation, Dip Stick Tube, Plug & Play Wiring Harness, Compete Instruction Manual, Serpentine Drive Belt, Oil Pressure Switch, Tach Adapter System.

Our kit is designed to work with 2002 - 2006 VW 1.8T engine from a Jetta, Golf (GTI), Beetle Turbo-S or Audi TT with an AWP engine code. Other 1.8T engines that are mounted transverse in the Volkswagen may also work. California smog laws require the VW AWP 1.8T from 2002 - 2006 be installed. Beetle Turbo-S and Audi TT engines with AWP engine code will need to have vacuum hose and solenoid bracket assembly from the Jetta / Golf platform.

Options available: Cruise Control, A/C Hose System Conversion, Stainless Steel Enhanced Exhaust System, ECU performance Programming.

There are some items we will need from your donor vehicle and Vanagon to avoid core charges. 
1.8T Turbo Outlet Pressure Pipe. $ $200
1.8T Alternator Wiring Harness. $20
Vanagon ECU computer box (Black ECU Housing for old ECU). $200
Core charges of $420 will be refunded after return of core items in usable condition.
Optional items below will have core charges applied also. 

1.8T Turn Signal Switch (for optional Cruise Control - with vehicle that does not have steering wheel functioning cruise control). $50
1.8T High and Low side A/C Hoses (for optional A/C). $50

Total core charges with Optional AC and Cruise Control is $1,020.

Shipping and handling charges apply and will be determined at time of purchase.  

Core charges are additional to kit price. 

Manual or Automatic Transmission prices are the same.

California Executive Order D-712-1.

Contact us if you need help finding a donor 1.8T engine.

(Shipping & taxes not included)